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Hit and Run

Leaving Scene of an accident

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Hit and Run Criminal Defense LawyerA Hit and Run occurs when one person involved in an accident leaves the scene without exchanging information. The law requires that drivers who are in an accident remain at the scene until police arrive or information is exchanged. A passenger also has a duty to remain at the scene of an accident.

In both cases, the state must prove that the passenger or driver knew, or reasonably should of known, they were in an accident. This element becomes an issue when a person has a ‘fender bender’ in a parking lot or makes a turn not realizing they tapped another car. For example, Most hit and runs/leaving the scene of an accident cases in North Carolina are filed as misdemeanors. However, in serious cases where victims are severely injured and in need of medical assistance, or there was a great amount of property damage, the individual who fled the scene faces a felony and substantial jail time. 


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